What is it you do exactly?

Like many people involved in the relatively new industry based on the World Wide Web, I often get this question asked of me.  To be honest, I have discovered that it won’t matter what I say to that particular person. The response is overwhelmingly riddled with head nods and uh-huhs and the odd, “That sounds cool”. The unfortunate part of this story for us in this industry is that question is too often posed by our clients.  So, what should we do about this?


The short answer is, have patience. Like any new industry – strike that – like any new idea that pushes against the way we do things on a daily basis, people are slow to accept and adopt and often mock and fear these new concepts. It is much easier to stay with the old way of doing things than to try to accept a new, hard to understand concept. This is human nature. There really isn’t anything you can do but give it time to become the new paradigm.


The important thing to know is that the value of what we do is immense and there are many who recognize this value. Focus on the clients and the great work you do every day and don’t worry so much about trying to explain yourself to those that don’t understand. Don’t sell yourself short. If a potential client just can’t see the value of what you offer, don’t undercut yourself to get that contract, just move on and smile.


The amazing news is that over the next few years our online industry will be accepted, understood, and most importantly, respected. As we see more and more of these roles in popular culture like movies, TV and publications it will become normal and people will understand the need and value of these roles. Dare I pray that one day the masses will realize that all the applications and functions they use within their smartphones and computers are not created by teenagers in their basements for free. Here’s hoping.


Darren Scott


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  • Scott Coates

    Nice post Darren.

    While very simple in concept, I’m continually amazed when attending events, how few people can quickly, concisely, and in an interesting manner, tell me what they do for a living. Having an effective ‘elevator pitch’ in one’s arsenal is essential for good networking, building business, and communication – something your business is all about.

    When someone responds upon query, “I’m in sales,” that should be responded to by turning and walking away. Could their response be any more vague? Are they not interested in talking and sharing?

    I’ve always insisted (and worked to help my staff) that my team spend time crafting an ‘elevator-pitch’ about the company, and also one about their job/role, that can be rattled off in about 15 seconds and sound interesting. Anyone who can’t do this needs to be trained and if continues to fail, let go to join people in ‘sales’.

    Keep up the good posts!


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