Turn Your Internship into a Job Offer

As summer starts, so does the fleeing of eager college students into the workforce as interns. Last summer, I was one of those students. I packed my life into my tiny car and left small town Iowa for Los Angeles to begin my internship with Post+Beam. Exactly one year (and a college diploma) later, I became a permanent part of the Post+Beam team as a Junior Associate. There’s no specific formula that will guarantee you a job after your internship is over, but I’ve outlined some tips below that will definitely help.


Show interest.
Whether it’s in the clients, in your colleagues, or in your work (present & future) – be interested and let your passion show.


Don’t get too comfortable.
As time passes, you will probably find yourself getting more comfortable with your colleagues and more confident in your skills. Instead of becoming complacent, channel your newfound confidence into determination. Continue to look for new ways to challenge yourself and apply your growing skillset. You will get out of an internship what you put into it so make it a goal to learn as much as possible while you are there.


Assert yourself.
If you have an idea, share it. If you have a question, ask it. Just make sure you’re not asking a question you already have the answer to. Check every possible source before firing away. (The golden rule: If Google doesn’t have the answer, go ahead and ask – especially if you need clarification for something).


Say yes.
No task is too big or too small for you, Young Grasshopper. Complete every task, no matter how trivial, thoroughly and with a smile. Believe in your abilities and be open to new experiences.


Keep in touch.
Send a handwritten ‘thank you’ after your internship. Keep tabs on the company and your colleagues. Don’t be afraid to drop them a note, a social media ‘like,’ or a ‘congratulations’ when necessary. Let your name be the one that comes to mind when a position becomes available!


Kalli LeVasseur


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