Staying Creative and Organized at Work

Every office has that one coworker. The person that’s always running 15 minutes behind, juggling their morning latte, a half eaten bagel, an iPhone (with an abundance of notifications), and a handful of important papers. Their workspace is always messy, projects seem to be last-minute, and others may be perplexed as to how any work even gets done. These types of coworkers may be chaotic, but they are also an invaluable asset to the workspace. Time Magazine recently published an article about why the most disorganized people also tend to be the most creative. In order for breakthroughs and new ideas in the work environment to occur, a stream of disorganized thoughts is actually necessary. It turns out a high level of disorganization can be a good thing!

However, complete disorganization often contributes to chaos rather than creativity. The key is to utilize your strengths, hone in on your weaknesses, and recognize the diverse strengths that others can bring to the workplace. Both right brain creatives and left brain logical thinkers can learn from each other to cultivate a more positive, productive and successful workplace. If you’re always punctual and tidy but need to boost your creativity, read on! If you bring innovative and inspired ideas to the table but need to prioritize and declutter your day, read on! Here’s how to stay both organized and creative at work:

Make Lists There’s no better feeling than making a to-do list and crossing off tasks. Each completed task is a little victory for the day that leaves you feeling more positive, inspired, and motivated. Save your sanity by planning your days out in advance and prioritizing the more difficult tasks. Since you are more productive in the morning, get those done first. That way you’ll have plenty of time to get those creative juices flowing throughout the rest of your day!

Get Out of the Office Fuel up on inspiration by occasionally changing up your work environment. Many of the best ideas come in the least expected ways. This could mean ditching the desk and working from an inspiring outdoor space, a busy coffee shop, or even from the floor of your office. You never know when inspiration could strike!

Take Care of Yourself You cannot be a good worker unless you’re taking care of your body and mind. Take a few moments to check in with yourself before coming in the work, set intentions, envision how you’d like the day to go. Whether it’s a quick meditation break, a morning workout, or making sure to eat foods that fuel your focus, take the time to make personal wellness a priority.

Collaborate It’s okay to admit when you’re in need of some co-worker collaboration! The workspace isn’t a one-man show for a reason. Trusting someone else and asking for help is never a bad thing, in fact it’s a quality of a good leader. An organized, creative life is not overfilled with busy work, meetings, and responsibilities. There is strength in numbers and your time is too valuable to waste. Working with others goes along way in staying on top of goals, schedules and stress.

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