“Oh, You Work in Fashion?”

Anyone that has been apart of the fashion world knows that we work in unknown territory. With the media’s portrayal, as well as the diversity of positions, outsiders have a hard time understanding exactly what it is that we do. In my experience, a few common responses include:

  • What kind of clothes do you design? One misconception I’ve found is that people think that being a fashion designer is the only profession in the industry. I give a lot of credit to designers as they play a very essential role; however there are many other roles behind a garment you purchase. Just a few of the roles include: buyer, fashion photographer, garment technologist, knitting technician, marketing executive, public relations, sales representative, seamstress and technical director.
  • It must be so much fun! Yes, it really is fun. Work doesn’t seem like work when it’s in an enjoyable industry that’s ever changing. However, it isn’t all play and dress up. Extreme pressure is put upon public relation firms to ensure they highlight their clients in the best way possible, as well as perform high levels of damage control whenever needed.
  • What celebrities have you met? I once saw Cody Simpson while waiting in line at a food truck but that’s about it. Celebrities are often styled by their stylists and the PR firm’s job entails maintaining relationships with these individuals, as well as pulling fitting clients as a resource for their various shoots or appearances. You later (hope to) see the celebrities wearing one of the pieces and when they do, a celebration ensues.

Have I convinced you? Want to work in fashion yourself? Checked out our careers page for opportunities in our LA office.

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