Midwest Living To Big City Dreams

The million-dollar question I have been asked time and time again: why LA? If I received a quarter for every time someone has asked me why I chose Los Angeles for internship experience, well let’s just say that I’d have a lot of money. So, let me explain the answer to the question everyone seems to want to know.
Finding the perfect internship can be tricky. If you’re questioning a profession, wonder if it will be worth packing up all you’ve ever known for just a few short months, or even if you yearn for new experiences and are wiling to have an open mind, the answer is without a doubt, yes.

Bigger Things

I grew up in a Midwest town so small that people wouldn’t even notice if it were to fall off the radar. I was squirming to get out. Although small town, Illinois was the place I called home, I wasn’t satisfied. In my perspective, being satisfied should never be an option. ‘Always strive to be better than you were yesterday’ is a quote I try to incorporate into my everyday life. An internship in an unfamiliar place is the best way to find out if moving away from home for a job is the right path for you.

Dream World

Let me take you back to my sophomore in high school, 16-year-old self. Picture this: a teenage girl who has only known a town with a population of not even ¼ of Los Angeles, arriving at LAX after her very first plane ride. I was in awe. The palm trees and non-humid warm air was so foreign to me. The amount of energy and excitement running through me was indescribable. It was at that very moment when I knew someday this would be a place I would call my new home. It has been my dream ever since that day to live in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is my dream world.
However, just because I know LA is my ideal city, doesn’t mean you know it’s the city for you. Something my mom always told me growing up is, “You’ll never know if you never try.” Now I’m telling you. Take the chance because you may miss out on something you could have loved. An internship is the best time to get a feel for your future. It’s a time where going to a new place is beneficial because it will help you figure out the place you want to be when it’s time to officially start your career.

Hustle and Bustle

Does Los Angeles ever sleep? I’m convinced the answer is no. There are always people out and about, and I love that. I’m a very task-orientated person. I like being busy, and I hate being bored. I constantly have to be doing something. When it comes to downfalls, many people believe traffic is LA’s biggest. However, I like driving. I like people watching and seeing the gorgeous views from the 405. Jamming out in the car and singing along to my favorite songs is a very effective stress reliever for me.
Being an intern can be overwhelming. You will get stressed out trying to absorb all of the information being tossed your way. Maybe you don’t love traffic, but I can guarantee you will find a stress reliever in Los Angeles. May it be hiking Runyon or shopping at the Third Street Promenade, you’ll find your niche.

Job Market

I’m in the midst of receiving my bachelor’s degree in Advertising. I understand that my internship here at Post+Beam is in Public Relations, not Advertising, but why not explore all options? I want the most exciting job in the most exciting city after my time at Iowa State University. What better place than LA? Post+Beam has opened so many new ideas and views to my world. In my short time I have spent here, I can confidently say I have such a better understanding of all the numerous parts that goes into a publication and a business.
When people ask for my opinion on whether or not they should do something, my answer is almost always “go for it”. If I had not “gone for it”, I wouldn’t be in the amazing position I am in now speaking to all of you. Had I not taken risks, or done something out of my comfort zone, I would have never found my passion for working in PR in the heart of Los Angeles.
When my time here is up, and it is time to head back to the Midwest, I will be humbled to have gained such useful knowledge for my career, and values that have helped me grow not only as a colleague, but as a person, too.


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