How to Be a Beast in the Game of Social Media

How to Be a Beast in the Game of Social Media

Now-a- days, social media is the new business card; it allows you to be recognized locally, regionally and internationally. Consumers are using social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and SnapChat to relate to their favorite brands and seek inspiration. Because of this, it has created a significant marketing tool for businesses. However, not only do you need a social profile, but consumers also expect a significant following in order to take you seriously. As a new brand, this is where it can be easy to get confused and stressed out – growing a successful social network seems like a lot of work.

But not to worry – I am going to give you some great tips to help build a successful social channel, as well as gain a significant, engaging following.

First Things First: Find Your Aesthetic

The first step in creating a following is developing a strong aesthetic. Give people a reason to follow you. Does your brand appreciate art or self-motivation? Find a theme so when potential followers stumble upon your social profile, they know what to expect; and you’ll gain followers because they enjoy your aesthetic and look they forward to your next posts.

Being an influencer and aspiring stylist, I have to handle my own social media accounts and develop an aesthetic for each. Though the two subjects of influencing and being a brand aren’t identical, they have a great deal of similarities. Take my Instagram ( for example; I keep the layout consistent with a white border, while posting fashion, beauty, style, and the occasional foodie photos. I continue this same aesthetic throughout all social media platforms, such as Twitter, SnapChat, Youtube, etc.

An established brand that does this quite well is Beth Richards Swimwear. Her brand’s visual content on Instagram is unique because she draws her viewer in with an artistic aesthetic. Not every picture is on the beach or in the sand, however she uses innovative spaces to allow her swimwear to speak for itself, without being overly cliché.

 Consistency is Key

Keeping followers interested in the content you’re sharing should be your main objective. Therefore, updating the material consistently is extremely important.

Apps like “When To Gram”, “Hootsuite”, “Iconosquare” and “Grama” have made updating, hash tagging and scheduling posts easier. These platforms have also made it easier for brands and influencers to understand their followers, sharing analytics on what posts are doing well, who’s engaging, and what sort of feedback you’re receiving.

To tell you a little more about each:

  • When To Gram is an iPhone app that allows you to know when your posts are going to have the most reaction and engagement based on a specific time of day. I like this app because it’s extremely simple to use and only gives you the three best times of the day.
  • Hootsuite is an excellent tool for scheduling posts. It allows you to schedule Blog Posts, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and several other platforms. This is great for those who don’t have the money or the time to update posts or hire a social media person/department. This website also offers analytics regarding each
  • Iconosquare allows for detailed Instagram analytics. This includes your competitors, promotion options, and even assists the brand in order to run a contest. Using Iconosquare allows you to gain an understanding as to the accounts performance.
  • Grama is an iPhone app that assists in developing hashtags based on your posts theme. When adding hashtags to all social platforms, it’s important to keep in mind that the purpose of using tags is for categorization. However, different platforms have specific methods of hash tagging that work better than others.

Kevan Lee wrote an excellent article on “How to Use Hashtags: How Many, Best Ones, and Where to Use Them.” To give you a quick run down, Lee wrote how Facebook is relatively new to hashtags, and posts do better without them. On Twitter, tweets with one or two hashtags have 21% higher engagement results, while those that use more than two hashtags receive a 17% drop in engagement. Because tweets have the best response with only two hashtags, try making one of those tags one that’s trending in order to receive more exposure.

Instagram has the exact opposite reaction, where the more hashtags, the better. The only discrepancy with this is if you have too many, perhaps over 13, it ruins the cleanliness of your photo’s description box. A couple ways to get around this is to add your hashtags in the comments section, or use the period punctuation and tab down about six lines, adding your hashtags at the end of the periods. Essentially it would look like this:

(Caption) Don’t Let Social Media Stand In Your Way!






#socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #getcreative #motivation #postandbeam #PR #bebold #branding #marketing #instagram #twitter #snapchat #youtube #networking #digitalmarketing #instagood #advertising #socialmediatips #digital #igers

Don’t forget about instagram’s new rule regarding hashtags. The company says the hashtags used need to be put in at the same time the picture is posted in order to receive your maximum likes. This eliminates the amount of engagement you receive if you think of an awesome hashtag later

Collaborate With Influencers!

Last but not least, influencer marketing. Many Bloggers, Vloggers and Youtubers have a significant following that brands can benefit from. says 65% of brands participate in influencer marketing. Sending these influencers items from your brand, asking them to tag your brand’s social handle, and even inviting them to be ambassadors for your line are great ways to gain exposure and increase your sales.

Check out this article here for more information regarding the power of influencers and how it relates to your brand.


We here at Post+Beam hope you and your brand succeed in the world of social media. After all it is our world now. If there’s more we can help you with, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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