5 Reasons I Love My Fashion PR Internship

As the new French intern at Post+Beam LA, I can honestly say that everything about this experience so far has been exciting!  I have come up with a list of five of my favorite things about my fashion PR internship.



1.  The Weather

The warm and sunny weather is part of the reason why I love working in California.  No need to wear a big sweater, coat or boots.  My go-to outfit for work is a floral skirt and silk tank.  Working in summer-appropriate clothing is priceless!


2.  The Trendy Post+Beam Office

I was surprised to discover such a beautiful and fashionable office on my first day. The environment is girly and trendy thanks to our great showroom and the tons of magazines ranked on shelves.



3.  Being Exposed to New Brands

Interning for a fashion PR company on the West coast has introduced me to many new, stylish brands.  Far away from the cold and sober Fall/Winter collection from Louis Vuiton, here comes colorful, cutout and silky collections. I especially love the hot, exotic beachwear lines from the Brazilian, Australian, and Miami-based brands we represent.


4.  Getting Closer to Hollywood Celebrities

Being in charge of our collections is even more pleasant when you notice that many celebrities have worn some of the samples in the Post+Beam show room.

It’s always exciting to know that Beyonce outfits are hanging just next to your desk!


5.  The People I Work With

However what I love most about my internship is seeing my colleagues at work every day. Joining the Post+Beam team is a dream come true. Being a part of an American work place is very exciting, but also culturally different. Luckily my colleagues are understanding and have made my transition easy. The atmosphere is relaxed and united. Between fun and professionalism I think we all work well together and the summer is going to be unforgettable.


Hannah Landau



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