The Relevance of Fashion Bloggers

First came the super model and the million-watt smile. Then entered the movie star and legions of paparazzi. Now we have entered the age of the fashion blogger. Fashion bloggers have become a focal point for brands and media alike, as they garner attention from major publications, have become key in developing trends, and have virtually unparalleled followings in the increasingly important world of social media. With the global reach of the Internet, bloggers can quickly gain international followings that rival that of major celebrities. What differentiates them from the classic celebrities of film and music is their suggested approachability and apparent normalness. They are girls like you and I, just ones that put more thought into picking out an outfit.


With the advent and popularization of “street style”, arguably hurtled into the digital limelight by The Sartorialist aka Scott Schuman, came the ease and accessibility of a new form of participation in the fashion world- one that doesn’t require a big bank account.  All one needs is a camera, a patient friend, and a Blogspot to become a verified fashion blogger.  But a blogger is only as bankable as the amount of followers their Instagram boasts. Social media followers are the new form of currency and serve as the unofficial status barometer, with each ‘like’ justifying the payments being made by brands asking to be casually promoted.


One such example of a blogger rivaling the lifestyles of the rich and famous is Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni of With a combined following of over 3.5 million across all platforms, Ferragni has turned herself into a brand, lending her name to collaborations like that with shoe designer Steve Madden, serving as the spokesperson for brands such as Guess, and being paid to attend events on behalf of any given label. Her global reach in this digital age gives her an amazing level of influence in the industry. She has replaced supermodels and movie stars on both the covers of magazines and within their pages, and nabs front row seats at the most covetable runway shows. She is offered all-expenses paid trips around the world in exchange for a simple tag on Instagram and is sent free products and clothes from designers in the hopes that she will wear something and give their sales and name recognition a boost. She is not alone and is an example of the new American dream; creating a business out of self-promotion and living a lifestyle that many dream of, all by monetizing one’s image.


As the Internet continues to become inundated with fashion bloggers, one must ask what will come next?


Whitney Goodman

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