Bringing a brand into the 21st Century

How do we reinvent downtown professionals view of the lunch hour?


Lunchbox Theatre is a Canadian Theatre company situated in the down town core of Calgary. Their entertainment style provides one-hour, one-act performance during the lunch hour. A one-act play is a sort play that takes place in one act consisting of one or more scenes. It is often referred to as the “short story” of plays because it is told in a concise and creatively efficient manner. One-act plays come in all genres: comedies, dramas and musicals.


With their 40th anniversary approaching Lunchbox Theatre selected us to reposition their identity to reflect the evolved brand. Internally Lunchbox saw themselves as unique, innovative, and professional who provided content that is both challenging and familiar. Our process determined the best mechanisms and positioning to translate their internal image to capture a larger audience.


We walked Lunchbox Theatre through an extensive creative brief to establish the necessary characteristics to recreate their identity. Extensive audience profiling concluded the brand needed sharpening to appeal to students and downtown professionals. The completed creative brief provided strategic guidelines for our design team. The team used a refreshed logo, strong colors and custom illustrations to produce numerous marketing collateral and templates. The updated brand for Lunchbox Theatre reflected the evolving brand characteristics, established, accessible and fun, while retaining the connection the original identity, ensuring it connected to all levels of their target audience.


Downtown professionals, including myself, have adapted an ‘eat at your desk’ mentality, especially when there is no planned activity during the lunch hour. Our goal with Lunchbox Theatre’s new positioning is to provide an outlet for the downtown community that is convenient yet still cultural. Their gamut of programs is clever, comical and thought provoking and provides the break hard working professionals’ need at lunch. I highly suggest to anyone who is in Calgary to catch a show some day soon.


Kaili Cashin


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